Phoenix Scooters - Pilot, Session, Sequel, Suicide Bars, Decks, Wheels, Clamps, SCS

Launched out of a garage in the USA, pheonix are known for bringing some of the USA's best quality, and highest performing scooter parts. Their signature deck the Reventon, has received industry acclaim from riders for being the first solidly build deck that does not break despite taking a beating. In the last 2 years Pheonix has lost it's way a bit, trying to source it's products from China, and riders rebelling that a USA brand would change it's manufacturing base, however the brand has recently come under new ownership and presents a real opportunity to develop in a new direction.

Phoenix run 3 main lines of complete scooters targetted at the 3 levels of rider abilities - firstly, the Phoenix Pilot Scooter, designed for those riders wanting to get their first stunt scooter and into the sport. The Session, intended for intermediate riders, or those wanting to seriously get into scooter riding. Finally the Sequal Scooter, which is built for the serious rider, wanting to have a piece of kit that allows them to push their ability to the limit.

Phoenix Pro Scooters are originally known for being an aftermarket scooter products company. Based out of Oregon, Phoenix saw the need for better quality scooter parts, particularly in terms of decks, and wider bars to suit rider needs, that was able to withstand more aggressive use.

Phoenix aim to produce high end, professional level scooters and customisable parts, and is supported by some of the worlds best riders. Their brand is named after the mythical greek bird, representing a regeneration of scootering. They believe scootering is not just a sport but also a lifestyle. Each part is conceived by riders who meet with the engineers to help develop the products, which each design sampled and tested before release, alongside that manufacturers run strength and stress tests on aircraft grade metals to ensure quality is met and the parts can sustain a beating from riders.

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