Razors Skates for Aggressive Skating

Razors Skates from California, has been the most popular and reliably selling aggressive skates brand over a significant period of time now. Razors offer three basic boot moulds/designs: The Cult boot-mould (the cheapest), the Genesys boot-mould (intermediate level) and the SL or superlight, which is Razors top model. Each boot-mould has multiple models with Razors releasing new models every year. Razors regularly release their latest models in association with their team skaters with their Cult skates representing the best value for money aggressive skates. Razors continue to innovate and their latest Genesys range is no exception.

Razors most popular skates are the Cults, whilst the Genesys model has become the standard skates to mid range riders. At the top end their SL pro model skates are built for the very top riders or those ambitious to become so, and need the best equipment to achieve it.

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