Retro Cruisers - Buying Advice


Retro cruisers are relatively new to the market and taken the scene by storm, thanks to majorᅠ

brands like Penny.

Like the 1970s banana boards but with a modern twist, retro cruisers are designed for easyᅠ

outdoor riding, taking you from A to B with minimal hassle.

Retro cruisers are generally smaller and lighter than a standard skateboard or longboardᅠ

(although ムextra largeメ versions are also available, if you feel you need the additional inches forᅠ

stability and control). The deck is usually made of a plastic composite, ensuring it carries noᅠ

extra weight while remaining super strong. So, donメt be fooled by its small frame ᆳ The majorityᅠ

of retro cruisers are suitable for both kids and adults.

Retro cruisers range from cheap nメ cheerful to pro quality (and pro price). Itメs important toᅠ

consider what you actually NEED from your product. If itメs just to act as a childメs toy, donメt worryᅠ

about investing any more than ᆪ50. If you want to ride it regularly around town, donメt skimp onᅠ

quality and look at the ᆪ60 bracket. Youメll get stronger, lighter parts for your money, and theᅠ

payoff is a more enjoyable ride.

As with all skateboards, parts are interchangeable. Various wheels are available, and a basicᅠ

rule of thumb is to remember that a large, wide wheel with give maximum stability and roll. Aᅠ

smaller wheels will offer tighter turns and agility. So, it all depends on what YOU need as aᅠ


As for trucks, the general consensus is that you want your setup to be as light and strong asᅠ

possible. Most quality cruisers trucks are made of aluminium, cutting any unnecessary weightᅠ

from your ride, while still allowing it to be strong enough to take some kerbs. The only otherᅠ

thing to consider is which colour you want to make your setup pop!

You may also choose to change your bushings if you need a little extra turning power. Softerᅠ

bushings on your trucks will allow them to pivot a little easier, meaning you donメt need to pressᅠ

as hard on the deck to get a reaction from your wheels. Have a look to see which durometerᅠ

your original cushions are and go for a lower number if youメre craving a bit of extra bite. logo
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