Rollerbones - Pet Day of the Dead Roller Derby Wheels

Rollerbones is a brand that manufactures some of the best Roller Derby wheels and roller skate wheels available today and have been doing so for decades. Their team wheels have proven competition shapes poured in a high rebound, easy to ride, medium hard, long-lasting formula, using their own unique urethane. Rollerbones Wheels are super responsive for skaters.

One of their most popular product lines is the Pet Day of the Dead wheels. These 59mm wheels combine a stiffer core alongside a softer urethane, which allows for better grip in the corners whilst still providing a fast roll. Rollerbones Pet Day of the Dead wheels are great on any surface and come with a brilliantly unique design. Pet Day of the Dead wheels are also in both 88a and 94a hardness so you are sure to find the right wheel for you.

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