Safety and Security


Keeping your details secure is a huge priority to us. That's why we've been recognised by Comodo, ISIS, IMRG and Safebuy as an approved accredited retailer.

We have 3 levels of security in place to make sure your payments are as secure as possible:

1.ᅠPayments are secured by using a technology called Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits (the highest level commercially available), this makes it extremely hard for anyone to get hold of the information you give us when ordering.ᅠ

2.ᅠWe have partnered with Comodo (a type of internet 'watchdog') which monitors security. When making a payment, you'll notice that the URL link section will turn green. This means that Comodo have confirmed the page being viewed is secure and can be trusted.

3.ᅠWe have implemented a service called "3D Secure", this is effectively an online pin service that adds an extra security layer to online payments, this means that no one other than the actual card holder or someone who knows the online pin code can put payment through.

For more details on these online secure payment services used please see our providers website - Braintreeᅠ and Paypal.

NOTE:ᅠWhen ordering online you will not be transferred to a secure payment page until you reach the page where card details are requested. You can tell if you are on a secure payment page in 2 ways. You can tell you're on a secure payment page as the website address bar will begin with "https://" AND NOT "http://". You may also have a secure lock sign appear somewhere on your browser window (the position of this varies depending on your website browser used)

The only details we hold are your order details needed for delivery of our products, all payment details are held securely by the payment supplier (Braintree or Paypal) and are only kept for the duration of time that the details are needed.

We accept all these credit cards for online payments: Visa, Mastercard, Maestro International, Apple Pay, Google Pay and Paypal. logo
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