Stegga Trampoline Scooters

Stegga are a UK company, formed in 2019, that specialise in manufacturing trampoline scooters. Their goal is to try and open up the world of stunt scootering to as many people as possible and grow the interest in the sport.

Stegga trampoline scooters are designed as a training aid to help provide riders with a means of learning new skills and tricks from the comfort of their own garden. They can also be used for fitness and to help build muscle memory. Stegga trampoline scooters have been designed and rigorously tested by industry experts and long time scooter riders.

In 2016, long time rider and professional scooter coach Ben Wilkinson teamed up with Rush Skate Park owner Jerry Norman to start creating a scooter that would allow riders to properly learn tricks at home on their trampolines. Scooter designer Fernando Young, of Greenover Sports, was brought in to help add his expertise to the project. The design process lasted over a year, with many tweaks being made along the way, before the finished product was perfected.

Stegga trampoline scooters come with a specially designed deck featuring a convex underside and curved edges, to remove the sharp parts you would find on a regular scooter. These features, coupled with the removal of fork and wheels, reduce the number of impact points so that the pressure is evenly distributed across the deck which in turn reduces the stress on the trampoline surface and the chances of damaging the trampoline.

Stegga's trampoline scooter aim is to bring a true trampoline training stunt scooter that's much more true to life than a toy. It features a far more realistic weight, size and response when practicing tricks. The Stegga scooter features a hidden fork system, so that it operates in the same way as a traditional stunt scooter for tail whips, bar spins and all other tricks.

Developed by Industry experts and pro riders, it's fully intended to be a true to life training tool to improve pro riders skill level with a complete stunt scooter.

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