Supremacy Scooters - SCS Forks and Double Clamps

Supremacy Scooters has been developed by Flavor Scooters rider Danny Roberts and has worked in conjunction with the Elite Scooters team to achieve some amazing high street scooter custom parts. Originally started as a shop in the UK, Danny Roberts found himself frustrated with the lack of high quality street scooter parts available, and as a result closed down his shop "supremacy scooters" to relaunch as a scooter product brand in itself.

Their most popular product so far has been the Supremacy Trojan Scooter T Bar. It's been built for the bigger scooter rider and is everything a classic OG scooter street scene rider will love. The Supremacy Axe scooter forks are built from strong aluminium and will look slick on any custom scooter setup. The Supremacy Spartan SCS scooter clamps are designed to give the look of a Spartan helmet and come with a removable shim, making it adaptable for any size of bars. Finally the Supremacy Aluminium Pegs have been built for the big street riders style of big grinds and big tricks.

Danny Roberts we salute you for developing products that support the scene and it's riders! logo
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