Sure-Grip Skates - Avenger Plates, Wheels, Cushions

Sure-Grip Skates is one of the biggest names in the skating world, with over 80 years of experience in the industry. Sure-Grip produce high end roller skates and skate accessories and the company is a very popular brand with the sport of Roller Derby.

Sure-Grip Skates have been making high end recreational and derby roller skates since 1936. Based in the USA, their product range is massive going across many styles of skating. Suregrip or Sure-grip as they're also known in recent years have produced some of the best value Derby Skates on the market, with the UK in particular seeing a big growth in Suregrip products amongst skaters.

Sure-Grip launched onto the UK and international scene in 2014, their Derby skates are quickly gaining the respect and joy of skaters out there as their boots have been designed for only the serious derby skater. Their skates feature many of the technical requirements of higher end skates without the additional pricing on top seen by some of the other Derby skate brands out there.

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