TSI Scooters - Satellite and Boxcutter Scooter Decks, Shred Sled Deck

TSI Scooters have been part of the freestyle scooter industry since the very beginning and continue to push the boundaries in what they can achieve. TSI are dedicated to the industry that helped build them and continually evolve their product range using new technologies. Their latest scooter deck is the Box Cutter Deck, the widest deck that they have ever produced. At 5.5 inches wide and 22.2 inches long, the Box Cutter Deck is very well balanced with a low weight.

TSI Scooters are one of the original founders of stunt scootering as we know it today. They are most well known for producing the worlds first one piece scooter deck. Unlike many Scooter brands, TSI have stayed true to their roots. They still manufacture their parts in the USA, and are made to the very highest quality.

TSI generally product parts for the mature scooter riders, the top professionals or the core Street Scooter riders in the sport.

TSI Scooters main headline products are their scooter decks, with the most popular model being the Satellite deck. This very impressive deck is everything you could possibly want in a scooter deck and is the culmination of all Satellite's knowledge about making scooters. The latest version is thinner, lighter and smoother than ever before, plus, thanks to the 83.5 degree headtube angle, it is more responsive and roomier up front. The middle channel has been widened for the first time to work with larger sized, modern wheels. TSI say it best themselves - "this deck has everything you need, and nothing you don't."

Outside of the TSI Scooter Decks, they've also realised a small range of other parts including their Renegade extra strengthened scooter wheels for even the heaviest of riders. The Cheddie Fender is a new scooter system that removes the traditional requirement of a brake. This cool piece of kit is made from heat treated spring steel and it is tension mounted, so it will stay dialled and means no more flat spots on your wheels.

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