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187 Protection
Are 187 protection pads good?
187 pads offer some of the best levels of protection available.
Which 187 pads should I buy?
For the best possible protection we recommend the 187 Pro pads both for elbows and knees.
How do 187 protection pads fit?
We have a sizing guide to make sure you get the best fitting 187 protection for you.
Can I trust 187 protection pads?
187 Protection pads are trusted by pro skaters all over the world and are a very well respected brand in the industry.
Are 187 protection pads restrictive?
187 Protection pads are designed so that they are as least restrictive as possible.
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Ace of Play
Are Ace of Play Scooters good?
Ace of Play scooters are perfect for young children between the ages of 3 and 5 years old.
What's the best Ace of Play Scooters for my child?
There is only one model Ace of Play scooter, however they are available in a blue or pink colour to suit your childs preferences.
What age are Ace of Play scooters for?
The recommended average age for Ace of Play scooters is 3-5 year and the bars can adjust from 50-69cm.
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Are Addict Scooters good?
Addict offer fantastic scooters, and their 3 complete scooters, the Defender, Revenger and Equaliser offer something for every level of rider.
What's the difference between the Addict Revenger, Equaliser and Defender?
The Defender is an all round scooter for beginners and intermediates.
Whats the best Addict Scooter?
The Addict Revenger is the best scooter from Addict, featuring a super wide deck, 30mm wide Radix wheels and a slick, stylish design.
Is Addict a good scooter brand?
Addict is an excellent scooter brand that ensures quality, not only with their scooters, but also with their parts.
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ALK 13
Are Alk-13 helmets good?
Alk-13 helmets are a popular helmet for those looking for comfortable and lightweight protection.
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AO Scooters
Are AO scooters good?
AO scooters are an extremely reputable company, purposefully crafting superb intermediate to elite level street scooters.
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Ascent Dirt Scooters
Are Ascent dirt scooters good?
Ascent dirt scooters are an excellent choice for off-road riding due to their solid durability, excellent stability over rough terrain, and fantastic value for money.
Are Ascent dirt scooters for kids?
Ascent dirt scooters are a perfect choice for kids aged between 7 and 16 years, although they can also be compatible for adult too.
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Apex Pro Scooters
Are Apex scooter decks good?
Apex Scooters are considered some of the very best in the business.
Are Apex a good scooter brand?
Apex are a highly respected premium scooter brand, favoured by many of the best riders in the world.
Whats the best Apex Scooter Deck?
All Apex Pro Decks are considered some of the best in the scooter world and feature a variety of signature editions for the greatest riders around, including Corey Funk and Jesse Bayes.
Are Apex scooter bars good?
Apex Bol scooter bars are the best bars on the market, used by many top pro's and ideal for any custom setup.
How light are Apex Bol bars?
Apex Bol bars weight 1200 grams which is considered light for a scooter bar, although not as light as many Titanium bars on the market.
What are Apex Bol bars made of?
Apex Bol bars are made of extremely high quality chromoly steel and the paintwork is protected superbly with professional powder technology.
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Atlantic Scooters
Are Atlantic Atom Scooters good?
Atlantic Atom scooters are a fantastic introductory scooter for young children.
What age are Atlantic Atom scooters for?
Atlantic Atom scooters are perfect for small children from the age of 5 and upwards.
What colours are Atlantic Atom scooters available in?
Atlantic Atom scooters are available in both black and red colours.
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Aztek Scooters
Are Aztek scooters good?
Aztek scooters are an excellent option for street style scooter riders looking for quality but at incredible value for money.
Are Aztek a good scooter brand?
Aztek are a scooter brand with an excellent reputation in the industry for pushing the boundaries of scooter engineering to create strong but lightweight scooters and scooter parts.
Are Aztek scooter decks good?
The Aztek Hydra is world famous for being one of the best ultra-lightweight decks around with a very unique design that will no doubt change the way the world makes scooter decks from now on.
How light is the Aztek Hydra deck?
The Aztek Hydra deck is ultra lightweight, tipping the cales at just over 1kg.
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