Apex Pro Scooters

Are Apex scooter decks good?

Apex Scooters are considered some of the very best in the business.

Are Apex a good scooter brand?

Apex are a highly respected premium scooter brand, favoured by many of the best riders in the world.

Whats the best Apex Scooter Deck?

All Apex Pro Decks are considered some of the best in the scooter world and feature a variety of signature editions for the greatest riders around, including Corey Funk and Jesse Bayes.

Are Apex scooter bars good?

Apex Bol scooter bars are the best bars on the market, used by many top pro's and ideal for any custom setup.

How light are Apex Bol bars?

Apex Bol bars weight 1200 grams which is considered light for a scooter bar, although not as light as many Titanium bars on the market.

What are Apex Bol bars made of?

Apex Bol bars are made of extremely high quality chromoly steel and the paintwork is protected superbly with professional powder technology.

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