Longway Scooters

Is Longway a good scooter brand?

By being the only scooter brand to own their factory Longway are able to produce extremely good, high quality scooters.

What is the best Longway scooter?

The Longway Metro is the best Longway scooter for ages 10 and up and is perfect for those looking to progress from a beginner scootr to something more suited to taking those skills to the next level.

What is the best Longway scooter for a beginner?

The best beginners scooter from Longway is the Adam, which is designed for ages 4-10 and features a 360 degree bar spin.

Whats the best Longway scooter bar?

The best Longway scootor bar is the Hyperion Titanium, which is an incredibly lightweight 800g and features excellent stability and strength.

Is the Longway Chimera a good dirt scooter?

The Longway Chimera is a fantastic choice of dirt scooter with the 200m air filled wheels ensuring you can explore on all surfaces.

What is the lightest Lucky deck?

The Lucky Jayden Sharman signature scooter deck is the lightest in the Lucky range, weighing in at an incredibly light 1.2kg.

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