Blunt Envy Scooters

Are Blunt Envy scooters good?

Envy scooters have a fantastic reputation and are recognised as some of the best scooters available on the market.

Is Blunt Envy a good scooter brand?

Blunt Envy are one of, if not the leading scooter brand in the world, boasting supremely high quality scooters and parts, that are used by some of the most respected riders in the industry.

Which Blunt Envy Scooter is the best?

The Blunt Envy KOS Charge, Heist and Soul models are the most premium models offered by Blunt Envy however the Prodigy S8 Oil Slick is the most popular due to it's ultra light weight and eye catching neochrome colour scheme.

Is the Prodigy Scooter good?

The Prodigy S8 is the best seller in the Blunt Envy range and the undisputed number one freestyle scooter in the world. The Prodigy S8 is super lightweight whilst still maintaining strength with it's intelligent design.

What are the best Blunt Envy bars?

The Blunt Envy Reaper is a fantastic premium scooter bar, favoured by most of their pro rider team due to it's light weight, incredible strength and slick looks.

How heavy is the Blunt Envy Prodigy S8?

The Prodigy S8 weighs an incredibley light 3.48kg, meaning you'll be able to push yourself to the limit and take your skills to the next level.

What is the best Blunt Envy deck?

The Blunt Envy AOS is a superb deck and a classic within the scooter ranks with a bunch of signature rider options to choose from.

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