MGP Madd Gear Scooters

Is MGP Madd Gear a good scooter brand?

MGP or Madd Gear is one of the biggest names in the scooter industry, producing innovative, durable and high quality stunt scooters and parts for every age and ability.

What is the best Madd Gear scooter?

The MGP MGX E1 Extreme is the best stunt scooter in the Madd Gear range offering an incredible balance of strength and light weight.

What are the best MGP scooter bars?

The MXF BAMF Titanium bars are the lightest, most durable, and quite frankly, the best scooter bars MGP have ever made.

Are Madd Gear skateboards good?

Madd Gear are masters of wheeled extreme sports goods and their skateboards are a great choice for beginners and those looking to improve their skills.

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